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About Our Club

Pro Gloria Dei is an independent high school Speech and Debate club affiliated with NCFCA, and serving the homeschooling community in the Tacoma, Washington metropolitan area. Waivers are available for non-homeschooling students. Eligible students are ages 12 to 18.  

We meet at Lighthouse Christian Center in Puyallup on Tuesday afternoons beginning in September.   

Please click the "Request Information" button at the top right corner of our website for more information. 



Our mission is come alongside and assist Christian parents who are “training up our children in the way that they should go." We do this through teaching effective reasoning and winsome communication skills that glorify God through competitive speech and debate. We strive to help equip our students to become ready to “give an account for the hope that is in their heart”.





  • Show respect and grace to one other in an effort to build one another up. (Eph. 

  • 4:29 & Eph. 5:4)

  • Strive for integrity in all we do: honesty, sincerity, responsibility, accountability and

    loyalty. (Prov. 2:20-21)

  • Participation and Dedication: attend with a good attitude, shoulder your share of

    the burden: (Gal. 6:2, Phil 2:14-15).


Foundational Beliefs

Pro Gloria Dei is a non-denominational Christian club. We are guided and operated
according to biblical principles and follow the teachings of scripture in our policies and
operation. As such, we carry an expectation that our students never present material in
their speeches or presentations that is contrary to scripture or that violates the
principles taught in scripture.


We recognize that members of our club come from different denominations and
backgrounds. However, all of our members align with the statement of faith - the Nicene
Creed, and our position statements regarding marriage, gender, and biblical inerrancy.



Our club is associated with the National Christian Forensics and
Communications Association (NCFCA). For more information, please visit

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